We provide different veterinary wellness care to each pet at their particular life stage. Whether you have a young or an adult pet, it is very important to us to know your pet’s lifestyle as part of his or her wellness examination. With this, we can possibly identify your pets’ unique needs and we can make a plan specifically for them.

We will ask you what you have seen at home and any concerns you have about your pet. Then, we perform a full physical exam to assess their overall health. We may also ask you about your pet’s risk of exposure to parasites such as tick, fleas, lice, heartworms and intestinal parasites. Finally, we share our observations and findings with you and our recommendations to keep your pet as healthy as possible.

We believed that preventive medicine is the best medicine that is why we do recommend every possible way to maintain your pet’s good health before they become sick. We strongly recommend CORE VACCINES to prevent infectious diseases. We also recommend MEDICATIONS TO PREVENT BOTH EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL PARASITES. As your pet ages, we strongly recommend screening lab work to identify any problems early so they can be managed effectively.